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The Managerial Leadership Journey

by Julian Chapman


A Great Place to Work is not just possible, it's in your hands.

A lack of clarity, accountability, and authority can impact your business in so many ways and the way you work might help you realize the strategy, or get in the way of it. Do you even know what the strategy really is, and how to get there? All of this confusion can be traced to a lack of managerial leadership: the art of managing managers.

Chart your course and explore the system. The Managerial Leadership Journey shows you that a Great Place to work is not just possible, it's in your hands.

"I have seen many a leader improve their game overnight by taking the time to pause, reflect, and make a choice. It is within us all to be the leader we choose to be".

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We are experts in identifying, developing and releasing the potential in leaders and their organizations, providing our clients with a strategic competitive advantage.

We engage our clients closely. We have the expertise to examine leaders, organizations and issues at all levels – strategic, operational and tactical. We then develop solutions, working with our clients from initiation through implementation. The result is dramatically improved performance and accelerated achievement of strategy.

Forrest is a full service firm. We offer our clients – through consulting, training, coaching and facilitation – the most effective integrated system available for organizational, team and individual transformation:

  • Developing strategy and planning implementation
  • Optimizing organizational structure and clarifying role accountabilities
  • Developing leadership and management ability

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