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Forrest & Company Limited is a trusted partner in organizational transformation and leadership development. Since 1987, our team of skilled consultants, facilitators, coaches, and designers have helped build the capabilities and effectiveness of more than 30,000 leaders and their organizations worldwide. Our success developing and releasing potential in individuals, teams and organizations is demonstrated by the many clients with whom we have long-term relationships.

Forrest began with a single leadership development program and the goal to grow leaders of character who achieve extraordinary results. The product line quickly grew to include executive coaching services.

Based on our experiences helping clients, we quickly identified that for truly substantive leadership development, the organization also needed to develop. We discovered that leadership and the organization are connected, and that for long-term success, development in one area must be paralleled in the other. Systemic barriers within the organization limit the development opportunities of leaders, just as leadership barriers restrict the development of the organization.

This discovery lead us to two science-based development systems: Requisite Organization, the work of Canadian organizational psychologist Elliott Jaques, including models for organizational structure and managerial accountability; and Effective Intelligence™ a system to describe thinking, originally developed by the Dutch electronics giant Philips and the British consultant Jerry Rhodes.

All Forrest products and services are integrated into a mutually supporting development system that can address organizational, team or individual issues at strategic, operational or tactical levels. Our products and services can be deployed as an entire system or as standalone units, depending on the needs of our clients.

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