Michael Clark

Vice President, Sales & Marketing
416.925.2967 x104

Michael Clark is Forrest’s Vice President, Sales & Marketing. He has over 30 years of experience leading markets to the value of products and services. Michael ensures that prospective and current Forrest clients understand how Forrest is a valued partner in the achievement of their strategy.

Since 2005, Michael has filled a diverse range of roles at Forrest, and is currently a passionate member of  the Forrest sales team. He also leads Forrest’s marketing efforts, providing creative and editorial services. Michael writes Forrest thought-leadership articles for publications such as Canadian Human Resources Reporter.

Prior to Forrest, Michael was a brand and creative consultant, working with clients such as CIBC, HSBC, the University of Toronto, PriceWaterhouse and UNICEF, as well as many non-profit organizations involved in literacy, numeracy and employment. For two years, Michael was the Creative Director of the Phnom Penh, Cambodia office of the global ad firm Bates Advertising. Michael is also an award-winning graphic designer.

Michael attended the Ontario College of Art and the University of Toronto from which he graduated with a BA in International Relations. Off hours, Michael is actively volunteers with the HR executive group, the Strategic Capability Network. He is a nationally recognized reviewer of books on Canadian military history and foreign policy. He is a vacation diver and a weekend sailor.

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