Angeline Navarra

Director, Coaching & Facilitation

Angeline coaches high potential Managers and Individuals to recognize unconscious behaviours and styles of communication that are limiting their ability to connect and collaborate effectively.  Cultivating a sense of personal leadership  that anchors from the inside out, she helps clients release restrictions in thinking and perception that allows for greater range of expression, connection and deliberate impact.

As Director, Coaching and Facilitation, Angelina brings a wealth of experience to her coaching engagements. Angeline is a certified ICF and
Co-active Coach , a graduate of the Great Story Coaching program and Emotional Mastery program,  a trained facilitator of Immunity to Change and is also a certified practitioner of the Leadership Circle Profile Assessment.  

She draws on a full range of skills, experience and training to help her clients identify, appreciate and express their natural talents, gifts and abilities in a way that is deeply meaningful and effective. An experienced Massage and Craniosacral Therapist for over 25 years, she incorporates teachings from a wide variety of growth and development modalities to facilitate clear and integrated expression in all areas of life.

Angeline is recognized for articulation that is sensitive, yet deliberate, inviting relaxed and purposeful exploration.  She illuminates a path for clients to develop rock solid self-awareness as the basis for conscious (steady) decision making, and communication that aligns, connects and inspires.

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