Why Forrest

Since 1987, Forrest has been a trusted resource for leadership and organizational development and has shared success with over 30,000 leaders world-wide. What is at the core of our success? Why have we grown and succeeded when so many others haven’t? What makes Forrest so special?

1. What we do works

We have been successful for more than 30 years because what we do has been successful for more than 30 years; Forrest brings to clients effective solutions to their organizational and leadership development challenges. We are a full-service provider with the expertise and resources to help our clients at any level. This means not only strategic, operational and tactical levels, but also at organizational, team and individual levels. Based on candid, informed and direct conversations, we provide our clients with the best products and services that result in pragmatic, effective results.

2. Accountability

We believe that at the very heart of organizational and individual success is managerial accountability. This is the startlingly powerful principle that, when properly implemented, releases enormous potential in organizations that will propel them to the achievement of their goals. It is based on the idea that managers must manage and leaders must lead; that they must, with humility, respect and resolve, fulfill their sacred trust with those that work for and with them.

3. Thinking development

We are experts in the mechanics of thinking. We have identified the means by which we can make visible the invisible act of thinking. Effective Intelligence™ puts labels and a language to the constituent parts of thinking, showing us how to dramatically improve results. We teach clients to consciously direct the correct thinking to the correct task or interaction, thereby enhancing effectiveness.

4. We have integrated Accountability and Thinking

We integrated two science-based development systems: Requisite Organization, with its focus on accountability, and Effective Intelligence, with its focus on thinking in a business context. Our real-world experience and our focus on practical solutions led us to these two systems, and provides Forrest with science-based foundations.

5. We look at the whole organization

Whatever your particular challenge, Forrest will invite you to step back and look at the big picture of your organization. We have discovered that to be truly effective, leadership and organizational development must happen simultaneously. The two are connected, and for long-term success development in one area must be paralleled in the other. We enter into these discussions because we are confident both in our expertise at holistic needs-analysis and at the value of our products and services.

6. Great pragmatic people

The foundation of the process by which Forrest creates real-world opportunity for our clients is the real-world expertise of our people. We very carefully select the members of our team based on their front-line experience and expertise. All members of the Forrest team must demonstrate a no-nonsense, pragmatic approach to helping our clients achieve their goals. We firmly believe that the extensive experience of our consultants, facilitators, coaches, trainers and designers trumps academic theory every time.

7. Our values

One reason we encourage our clients to take their value statements seriously is that we do ourselves. The terms “respect”, “honesty”, “provide an exceptional experience”, and “growth” are values every Forrest member keeps at the forefront of every interaction with clients. We are particularly proud of our Honesty:

  • We say what is on our mind.
  • We provide our clients with what they need, not what they want.
  • We listen, be frank and tell the truth even if it hurts.
  • We burrow to the heart of an issue and don’t let anything slip off the table.
  • We are watertight. We keep our clients' confidences.

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