Effectiveness Coaching Instruments

Forrest effectiveness coaching is supported by proven tools for development.

Please see below for a selected list.

Effective Intelligence™

We bring to bear the enormous power of Effective Intelligence™, a tool that enhances communication and self-awareness, and improves capability in critical business processes by teaching how to connect the correct thinking to a specific task.


We are experts in the use of a broad spectrum of assessments,including multi-rater assessments, related to leadership behaviours and effectiveness. Go here for a selected list.


With the depth of our roster, we can provide co-coaching when specific expertise is needed.

The Leadership Path™ (TLP)

Forrest offers a supplementary or alternative option to coaching. TLP is a highly effective and intensive leadership development program delivered over a year. The program starts with a 5-day off-site focused on leadership and is followed, seven months later, by a 3-day off-site focused on management and integrating the learning from both workshops. There are also 5 one-on-one coaching sessions over the year.

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