Forms of Coaching

There are three forms of coaching. Each is interconnected, and a coaching engagement may focus on a single form, or involve some combination of the three:

  • Consultative Coaching
  • Sounding Board Coaching
  • Development Coaching

Consultative Coaching relies on the expertise of the coach to provide insight to the client around specific concepts, models, processes and systems to help them in their work.

Sounding Board Coaching focuses on looking at the day’s events and provides an opportunity for the client to discuss what is challenging him or her in that particular time and space. The coach’s role is to be the sounding board and to be able to draw the day’s events into a larger coaching context.

Development Coaching seeks to improve the client’s performance by removing specific interferences to effectiveness.

Forms of Coaching Expertise

In their approach to a coaching engagement, coaches bring skill-sets specific to coaching. Broadly speaking, there are three areas of expertise that all Forrest coaches must have. In every coaching relationship all three are brought to bear, but one is usually primary:

  • Awareness Coaching
  • Choices Coaching, and
  • Decisions / Trust-in-Self Coaching

Coaches are selected for clients based on the primary need of the client around these coaching skill-sets.

Awareness Coaching helps clients become aware of how they present themselves to the outside world. This is the cornerstone to self-awareness and many coaching engagements will be characterized by bringing clients to a point of awareness as to how their behaviour impacts others.

Choices Coaching is a form of Consultative Coaching that helps clients understand what choices they have available to assist them in meeting their goals.

Decisions / Trust-in-Self Coaching is designed to bolster the confidence of clients by developing trust in their own judgement.

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