Effectiveness Facilitation


Break through the barriers to getting work done. Use expert facilitation to harness the power of a group to explore options, resolve issues and get results.

A facilitator brings structure and process to team interactions allowing the team to confront issues from new perspectives, collaborate more effectively, overcome barriers and achieve better results. In doing so, the facilitator is a neutral party who promotes an open and inclusive environment that raises the performance of the team.

Forrest facilitators have master-level training and experience in getting the best results from a team. We have the skills to facilitate at all levels of organizational activity – strategic, operational and tactical – and with teams of any size.

Facilitation is of benefit to any team dealing with any issue, but three types of Forrest facilitations are the most sought after:

  • Team Effectiveness Workshops – working with teams to resolve tactical challenges and overcome barriers in process;
  • Building Teams and Team Building Workshops – working to build teams that are productive, aligned, accountable and that consistently deliver results;
  • Strategy Facilitation – working with an executive team to clarify organizational strategy and its implementation.

Team Effectiveness Workshops

Any team at any level, confronted with an issue it cannot readily resolve, will benefit from expert facilitation. We have applied facilitation to solve hundreds of issues, including:

  • Overall problem solving: “How can we, as a team, best approach our challenges?”
  • Team process: “How can we, as a team, function together to accelerate outcomes?”
  • Team chartering: “As a new team, how can we get up to speed most effectively?”
  • Team leadership: “What are the most effective roles, accountabilities and authorities we can design for the team?”

Forrest Facilitation has also helped teams achieve breakthroughs with particular processes or issues:

  • Decision making: “How do we arrive at the best decision?”
  • Conflict management: “How do we prevent conflict from interfering with potential?”
  • Planning: “How do we determine what needs to be done?”
  • Creativity: “From where do we get new ideas?”
  • Innovating: “How do we get from idea to action?”
  • Learning: “What else might be gained?”
  • Finding cause: “What went wrong?”
  • Gathering information: “Clarifying what is relevant.”
  • On-boarding: “What is the fastest way to get a new person up-to-speed?”
  • Selling: “How best do we persuade people?”
  • Strategy: "Where do we need to go?"

Note: Due to popular demand, through our Effective Thinking Suite™ we offer training on how to facilitate a growing number of the processes listed above

Team Building and Building Teams Workshops

“Team building” and “building teams” are different yet connected. We have extensive experience facilitating both.

  • “Team building” is using facilitation to articulate team behaviours and values, and provide the team with the mechanisms to use them. The goal is to overcome the barriers and uncover the strengths within a team. Often this involves preventing internal conflict from interfering with potential.
  • “Building teams” refers to most effectively structuring a team, aligning it with organizational strategy and implementing the best processes to get work done.

Building Teams

Team Building

Rigorous work on strategy, structure & process

Rigorous work on interpersonal dynamics

Focus on role relationships

Focus on value and behaviour

Based on accountability

Based on responsibility


Most effective when team building is already in place


Note: If you’d like to learn how to build teams yourself, we offer “Building Teams” managerial training as part of The Leadership Suite™

Strategy Facilitation

Strategy Facilitation is delivered to an organization’s senior executive team. One or more of our experts leads an executive team to articulating organizational strategy with complete clarity. The facilitation then drives the team to identify and plan the implementation of that strategy.

Ideal Participants

  • Strategy Facilitation: Senior executive teams that would benefit from a professional facilitator to help them develop new ideas, develop more effective processes, or make decisions.
  • Building Teams and Team Building Workshops: Any team at any level wanting to improve its cohesion, productivity and effectiveness.
  • Team Effectiveness Workshops: Any team at any level confronted with any issue it cannot readily resolve.

Forrest Facilitators

All Forrest facilitators bring the power of Effective Intelligence™ to their work with clients. This ability gives them a unique and proven toolkit to release and direct the thinking in a group.

Strategy Facilitators

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