Development Phase Methodology (Sample)

 Pre-workRhodes’ Thinking-Intentions Profile on-line Effective Intelligence assessment
Pre-read article
“Contract with my Manager” accountability tool
Day 1Context Setting, Program Overview, Agenda and ObjectivesIncluding discussion about the “Contract with my Manager”
 Panel Discussion about the HRBP role in your organizationDiscussion and exploration of the HRBP role, with a panel of stakeholders in your organization
 Effective Intelligence: A Framework for Communication and CollaborationDebrief of the Rhodes’ Thinking-Intentions Profile
 Effective Intelligence: Application to Business Partner skillsDealing with different thinking styles Applying Effective Intelligence to improve processes
 Workplace Case StudiesSmall group discussion to focus the case study
 Assign homework
Day 2Take-up Homework & Recap
 Organizational Design and CapabilityLevels, functional and cross-functional alignment, understanding individual capability
 Workforce PlanningApplying Organizational Design to your reality
 Homework assigned
Day 3Take-up Homework & Recap
 Coaching ProgramDevelop skills to coach line managers through the issues they face
 Assign homework
Day 4Take-up Homework & Recap 
 Facilitation Skills ProgramDevelop a tool kit of diagnostic and process skills to work with small, medium and large groups to clarify issues, make decisions and determine issue root causes
 Assign homework
Day 5Take-up Homework & Recap
 Business Acumen SimulationGain a greater understanding of universal business finance concepts and the issues faced by the line


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