Leadership Training

To be effective, leaders and managers require specific abilities. We provide flexible and scalable programming on the skills and best practices of managerial leadership.

The Leadership Suite™

Increase the effectiveness of yourself and your team. Learn the six operational skills that form the foundation of effective managerial leadership.

The Effective Thinking Suite™

Improve performance by mastering the skills of universal and tactical processes used by everyone, everyday.

The Leadership Path™

Dramatically improve the effectiveness of your leaders by integrating an intense examination of their leadership character with a framework to most effectively manage their teams. Attendees emerge with a profound understanding of their role as a managerial leader and with the means to apply that understanding to best effect at their organizations.

The Core Leadership Practices™

Leverage leadership as the means to achieve strategy by implementing the most comprehensive leadership framework available. The Core Leadership Practices encompasses all behaviours for effective managerial leadership in any organization, in any sector, at any time, and goes to the very heart of what it means to be a manager.

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