The Core Leadership Practices™

The Core Leadership Practices (CLP™), the most comprehensive leadership framework available, is the means by which organizations leverage organization-wide managerial leadership to achieve strategy.

CLP encompasses all behaviours for effective managerial leadership in any organization, in any sector, at any time and goes to the very heart of what it means to be a manager.

CLP gives your organization the power to use the energy of effective leadership to propel your teams toward the achievement of goals and to build environments of communication and trust. Your teams will be aligned to strategy, engaged with the work and continually growing in capability.


Energized leadership

  • Release leadership potential by giving leaders a guide to the proven, day-to-day fundamentals of managing and leading a team to success.

A leadership development framework

  • A competency model for leadership assessment, performance management, recruitment, succession planning and talent management


  • Encompasses all of managerial leadership
  • Can "fit" current development models and initiatives
  • A workable framework for initiative development and communication

Universal and Timeless

  • Applicable to any organization or sector
  • Enduring and sustainable
  • Can function before, during and after any specific development initiatives

For more information on the benefits of CLP download this article on the program.

Purpose and Objective

The Core Leadership Practices™ (CLP) are the four foundational practices that any manager or leader must utilize in order to effectively achieve the goals of the organization through the people that he or she leads.

These practices apply to all managers, at all corporate levels, in all sectors and go to the very heart of what it means to be a manager:

  • Align accountabilities
  • Build effective teams
  • Connect with direct reports, and;
  • Delegate successfully, or “ABCD”

The ABCDs are grounded in practical theory and science, and are easy to understand and use. They form a map to guide managers through the job of leading.

Underlying CLP are the four Leadership Principles:

  • Managerial Accountability
  • Judgement & Discretion
  • Dialogue and
  • Trust

These are fundamental and universal touchstones to enhance and clarify the application of the Practices.

Delivery Format


  • CLP, being a framework for leadership development throughout your organization or business unit, is deployed internally. There are many methods to introduce and deploy the framework. The most effective means to do so is determined in consultation with you and your stakeholders. For more information, please click here.
  • CLP is often initiated at the senior management level as a half- to multi-day engagement to align the executive team to the content and to confirm executive buy-in prior to further deployment. Delivery to the line has been done in a variety of ways, including a multi-day lecture and exercise format.
  • For maximum impact, Forrest has developed a multi-day, tri-level facilitation that provides a profound opportunity for managers-once-removed, managers and direct reports to simultaneously work with and develop proficiency with the Practices and Principles.
  • For a sample outline of an internal deployment of CLP, please click here.


  • Due to the popularity of CLP, we offer a public, 3-day course in lecture and exercise format. For more information, please click here.

Ideal Participants

  • Organizations that see that their leaders are not bringing their full potential to the achievement of strategy.
  • Organizations that understand the power of aligning all leadership within a single framework.
  • Organizations looking for a leadership framework that links strategy to implementation.
  • Organizations looking for a leadership framework that is sufficiently robust, yet sufficiently flexible, to stand the test of time and shifting priorities and challenges.

CLP Instructors/Facilitators


  • Due to the comprehensiveness and universality of the Core Leadership Practices, its introduction and delivery into your organization is easily tailored to specific needs, culture and context.
  • The introduction of the CLP can be accompanied by 360° multi-rater assessments. This provides insight on the extent to which managers are currently using the Practices and Principles. Assessments also become the benchmark from which to measure individual and organizational improvement.

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