The Effective Thinking Suite™

Improve performance by mastering the skills of universal and tactical processes used by everyone, everyday.

Our growing suite of half-day, instructor-lead workshops, based on the science of Effective Intelligence™, provides participants with a framework for processes that immediately enables them to be more effective, efficient and adaptable, while making their thinking more conscious, deliberate and transparent.

By revealing the structure of thinking, and outlining specific steps to the resolution of an issue, the tools in the Suite allow individuals at all levels and their teams to get better results by thinking more clearly. Conscious thinking also ensures that the grounds for actions can easily be made clear to others, including team members and managers.

Communications & Collaboration

Discover the science behind the Effective Thinking Suite, and learn how to work better with those around you. As well discover your own thinking biases, and what impact they have on how you work, communicate and collaborate.

Better, Faster, Smarter Decision Making™

Learn the universal step-by-step model to make better, faster and smarter decisions. Improve performance and avoid surprises by making decisions consciously. Learn how to clearly and deliberately identify all the factors in decision making and how to use that to drive to the right decision.

Getting Along and Managing Conflict™

Learn how to approach conflict with neutrality, and bring conflicting parties into a mutual understanding of what is real. Prevent conflict from interfering with potential. Learn how to remove the emotional factor in conflicts, and how to consciously move to resolution of the issue.

How to Lead a Great Meeting™

Get more effective contribution from all participants by ensuring that attendees are mindfully thinking through each necessary step in a meeting. Improve effectiveness by learning how to plan and lead a great meeting that produces results. An excellent tool for managers and in-house facilitators.

Getting People On Side: How to be a better persuader™

Learn the universal, 8-step process to lead someone to prefer your proposition over all others.

Planning to Plan: Allocating resources to a goal™

Enhance efficiency by learning how to effectively allocate resources and time to the accomplishment of a task once a decision to proceed has been made. Identify risks and contingencies before they arise.

Delivery Format

  • All programs in the Suite are instructor-led, tool-based, question-driven and highly interactive.
  • Standard delivery for each program is a half-day classroom format.
  • Delivery is centred on action learning. Each participant will leave the session with a fully-formed action plan they can immediately use themselves and with their teams.
  • Each program in the Suite is designed for contracted, on-site delivery.
  • There are no prerequisites for the programs, and they can be taken individually. For best results, we recommend participants first take the Communications & Collaboration course.
  • An alternate delivery format is to deliver to an intact team in order to resolve a specific issue or to establish common language around tactical processes.


  • Instruction is based on a step-by-step building of understanding of the tool and skill with its use.
  • Each program has a small amount of pre-class work that asks participants to bring real-life situations to resolve.
  • Each program includes individual, small group and large group activities and exercises.

Ideal Participants

  • Anyone, at any level, interested in improving the performance of themselves or their team by improving tactical thinking skills.


  • All programs in The Effective Thinking Suite™ can be customized.
  • Customization could include tailoring content to reflect strategic requirements, core competencies, and corporate language, look and feel.

Effective Thinking Suite Instructors

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