The Forrest Online Advisory Team™


“Just in Time. Just Enough.”

The express purpose of the Forrest Online Advisory Team is to provide fast, tactical solutions to immediate challenges. “Just in time. Just enough.” Provided online or on the phone.

Never has the need for effective leadership and management been greater, nor more urgent.

We are offering all of what Forrest is known for, and more, through the lens of “Just in time. Just enough.”


Online Advisory Services

  • To the point, just in time, and just enough
  • Helping you adapt to the current realities of getting work done and bringing your team along
  • Providing you with a confidential, human connection to address your specific needs, and to guide you through uncertainty

Online and On the Phone

  • These advisory services are conducted remotely
  • Forrest Advisors use the best practices of remote advising and web-conference technology
  • Advisory services are available at a time that is convenient to you, including early morning, evenings and weekends

Forrest’s Advisors

  • The Forrest Advisory team includes over 30 Advisors
  • Each Advisor is highly skilled at problem solving during challenging times, and understands the role of an advisor in compressed timelines
  • Advisors have access to proven, powerful resources developed by Forrest over more than 30 years of impactful client engagement
  • The Forrest Advisor team offers a wide range of skills, knowledge, and experience across sectors, industries, functions, and levels
  • Advisors bring a blend of methodologies: consulting, coaching, facilitation, and training
  • Multiple Advisors can be brought into an engagement, as needed

Examples of Advisory Services

These examples are just the beginning of how our Advisor Team can help you. Please contact the Head Advisor to discuss YOUR specific challenges.

  • How to lead in a crisis
  • Best practices of communicating via video technology
  • Building your team’s focus on the tasks at hand and overcoming distraction
  • Making better decisions, faster
  • Prioritization in a rapidly changing environment
  • Rapidly build working rapport within your team
  • Managing how your team – and you – react to change
  • Effectively assigning tasks to a remote team, and monitoring to completion
  • Counselling for you in times of stress
  • Effective communication in a crisis
  • Presenting online – with presence – when it matters most
  • Planning in times of rapid change
  • How to rapidly and effectively pivot your work and the work of your team
  • Building morale during times of uncertainty and challenge
  • Breaking and preventing silos when you can’t manage by walking around
  • Helping your distracted manager manage
  • Scenario development during times of uncertainty
  • Planning the work of your team, and aligning everyone while they work remotely
  • Coordinating and collaborating with your peers at speed
  • Sensing the emergence of the new normal
  • Determining when, and to what extent, we go back to the old ways
  • How to persuade your manager, your peers, or your direct reports while working remotely

Who Would Benefit?

  • Anyone willing to rapidly adapt to the new reality of working, leading and managing
  • The Forrest Online Interim Advisory Team is available to any manager of people, at any level

Delivery Format

Intake Call

  • Forrest’s Head Advisor will discuss with you your challenges, conduct a preliminary diagnostic, and identify which Forrest Advisor would assist you most impactfully


  • The Forrest Advisor then contacts you to introduce themselves, and coordinates a time to begin the work online or on the phone


  • The Forrest Advisor connects with you and work begins immediately
  • Advisory Services are conducted in 1-hour increments


  • $300 per hour
  • Your investment includes:
    • Support material, as needed
    • All administration and co-ordination
  • Note
    • We’re proud to provide this service at a discount to our usual rates.
    • Billing does not start until you are connected and working with your Advisor
    • Advisory services at the Executive level may be at a higher rate

Contact Us

Tony Welsh
EVP, Design, Managing Partner & Head Advisor

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