We are experts in the use of a broad spectrum of assessments, including multi-rater assessments, related to leadership behaviours and effectiveness. During the needs-analysis phase of your engagement with Forrest, we may identify an assessment that would be particularly effective for your issue, and will discuss with you how it would fit in our overall delivery.

At right, please find a selected list of assessments that we use.


ViewFinder2 is Forrest’s own 360° assessment for leaders to help them set development goals. The survey focuses on leadership and management behaviours and abilities that are the foundation of the Forrest Leadership Model™. The inventory focuses on which leadership behaviours/abilities a person is currently strong in, which are important for success in the role, and which require improvement.

Rhodes’ Thinking-Intentions Profile™ (Rhodes' TIP™)

The Rhodes' Thinking-Intentions Profile assessment reveals the participant’s thinking preferences. Knowing the preferences of yourself and your team results in more effective communication, collaboration and idea generation. Your Rhodes' TIP shows which of your mental muscles you prefer to use, and those that you overuse and underuse. Giving labels and a language to this knowledge allows you to better understand yourself and those around you, and enables you to consciously adjust your thinking to what is needed for a particular interaction or task. For more information, please go here.

Human Synergistics™: Life Styles Inventory™ STYLUS™

The LSI STYLUS inventory measures the degree to which a leader has constructive thinking styles about their job. The STYLUS scores are normed against other managers and leaders. The great value of STYLUS is that it produces a comprehensive report that gives participant-specific feedback and growth suggestions. Used by thousands of managers, STYLUS is one of the most sophisticated and beneficial reports in the market. STYLUS is available as a self-assessment report and also as a 360° report.

Human Synergistics™: Acumen® Leadership WorkStyles

Leadership WorkStyles (LWS) is a multi-rater development assessment tool that measures the attitude and behavioural styles that impact a manager’s ability to lead. LWS provides leaders with a report containing highly personalized feedback on how their ways of acting and reacting to people and situations shape their effectiveness. The report, debriefed by a trained facilitator, provides the participant with the following benefits:

  • Greater understanding – learning how others see you increases what you already know about yourself
  • Improved ability to work as part of a team
  • Knowledge of the impact your behaviour has on others
  • Increased productivity – knowing how others perceive your ability to get things done can alert you to improvement you can make in your approach to completing tasks
  • Strengthened interpersonal skills

Human Synergistics™: Leadership/Impact™

Leadership/Impact (L/I) measures to what degree leaders are using strategies to have a positive or prescriptive impact on those they are leading. L/I measures four key leadership areas drawn from “Self” and “Others” assessments. First, the manager measures how he or she would ideally like to impact others. Then Others assess how the manager actually impacts them. Both the manager and the others score the strategies that the manager uses to impact others. Finally, the others assess the manager's effectiveness. L/I makes an ideal follow-up program for those who have completed an LSI STYLUS program.

Teleometrics™: Styles of Management Inventory™/The Managerial Grid

The Leadership Grid model is a behavioral leadership model developed by Robert R. Blake and Jane Mouton. Used successfully as an assessment instrument for almost 50 years, the model identifies five different leadership styles based on the tension between “concern for people” and the “concern for production”. The optimal leadership style in this model is a correct combination of both.

Teleometrics™: Team Effectiveness Survey™/Johari Window

The TES focuses on individual and team use of the “Exposure” and “Feedback” processes of the Johari Window. It provides a comprehensive overview of how effectively a team functions. Members rate themselves and other team members. The resulting profiles serve as a valuable starting point for group discussion and feedback.

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