We are experts in the use of simulations to expand and reinforce the learning of managerial leadership behaviours. Simulations provide an opportunity to safely practice new skills in an environment of engagement and play that is deliberately disconnected from the day-to-day working world of participants.

The Forrest team includes world-class program-design capability. This enables us to customize any simulation for whatever your organizational, team or individual challenges, and for whatever your corporate competencies, language or graphic standards.

At right, please find a selected list of simulations that we use.

Leadership Practices in Action™ (LPA)

  • LPA is a leadership and management simulation based on a fictional airport. The airport is fully-formed with organizational charts, defined leadership roles, maps, communications, allocated resources and a growing list of leadership and management challenges. Participants practice leadership and management learning by playing the roles of senior staff in the various divisions of the airport as they confront obstacles that range from the everyday to the catastrophic.

Human Synergistics™

Survival Simulations

  • With the survival simulation series, each simulation presents a survival challenge. Team members work individually and then as a group to assess the value of a series of items in terms of their importance to survival. Then, scores are generated by comparing individual and team answers to those provided by actual experts in that particular situation.
  • This use of survival experts lends a high degree of credibility and interest to the exercises. It also alleviates disagreement over the "right" solution, freeing participants to focus on the process of working as a group.

Business Simulations

  • Business simulations were developed to extend the simulation process into the workplace so the content is business oriented and becomes more focused on challenging teams to solve specific on-the-job problems.
  • Besides the process of group decision-making, one of the added benefits of the Business simulations is a more focused and formal discussion in an area of business expertise. By comparing their individual and team scores with the suggested rankings, individual team members start to develop an understanding of this aspect of business.

Court Case™

What it is

  • A courtroom simulation designed to examine in-depth any strategic, specific, and timely organizational issues.
  • Participants are divided into teams representing the Prosecution, Defence, Jury, and Press.
  • Prosecution and Defence provide opening statements, witnesses, and closing arguments for their side of the issue.
  • Witnesses provide real-time testimony.
  • The senior person in the group sits as the Judge.
  • The Jury reaches a verdict and offers recommendations.
  • Teams work with recommendations and testimony to produce a workable action plan.
  • Participants are coached on proper courtroom etiquette.
  • A full array of props, set and costumes are used to create a “life-like” atmosphere.
  • Fun, high-energy, instant engagement and pragmatic.
  • Requires 5 to 6 hours to complete.
  • Sample issues that have been put on “trial”; Our organization does a good job/does not do a good job of Employee Development, Customer Focus, Living our Values.

How it Helps

  • Thorough examination of key issues in a way that eliminates defensiveness
  • High-impact team building through rich and meaningful conversation and group dynamic (you may be on a team that argues a position you personally don’t agree with), and fun
  • Development of a concrete action plan


  • Developed in collaboration with the Center for Creative Leadership®, EdgeWork® has participants assume managerial positions in two corporations that have very different organizational cultures, but are also partners in supplying an innovative technology to a specific industry. One company is a small research and development organization driven by humanitarian concerns and the desire to advance science. The other is a large profit-driven business operation.
  • EdgeWork® goes beyond individual and role-level tensions and conflicts, generating these issues on a group level. Groups are drawn to work on key challenges related to more effective ways of talking, thinking, deciding, and taking action together. EdgeWork® is a simulation of dynamic relationships, trade-offs, and conflicts that naturally occur whenever people work together in an organization.

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